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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 8AM - 5PM

Bio Sculpture Gel Acrylic Manicure and Pedicure (including nail polish) 
Tips and OverlayR340Tips & OverlayR340ManicureR170
Colour OverlayR260Natural OverlayR260Manicure with ParaffinR200
French OverlayR290French OverlayR290Micro Dermabrasion ManiR200
On ToesR230Colour OverlayR290Msni with Gel OverlayR390
  Silk & Fibre OverlayR360PedicureR220
Fills Repair Per NailR35Pedicure with ParaffinR270
2 WeeksR150Repair Per TipR40Micro Dermabrasion PediR240
3 WeeksR180Soak Off All Types of NailsR80Balsan PediR300
4 WeeksR200File & PaintR100Pedi with Gel OverlayR390
  File & French PaintR120  
  Nail Art – per nailR17